Coconut (cocos nucifera) milk


Herbal Essences coconut milk shampoos, conditioners, masks and oils include real coconut, as certified by plant experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

The palm tree is called the 'tree of life' in the Philippines

What is coconut milk?

Coconut milk is extracted from the flesh of the coconut, the fruit of a type of palm tree commonly known as the 'tree of life'. Historically, it has been an essential part of the haircare routine of Polynesian women. This is due to its natural properties that add shine and vigour to your tresses, while preventing breakage. Our haircare product range containing coconut milk uses a formula that is guaranteed to give you beautiful tresses you'll love flaunting.

Coconut milk is also believed to moisturise and hydrate your skin, scalp and hair. It’s even known to soothe sunburn, making it a great ingredient for both skincare and haircare products. What more could you ask for?

At Herbal Essences, we understand that our lives are dependent on plants, and the 'tree of life' is a perfect example of that. Around the world, different parts of the coconut tree are used in ways that impact our daily lives – from building houses to making tools, to food products.

Coconut water is also widely consumed – many athletes drink coconut water for a boost of energy and hydration.

Where does coconut milk come from?

The coconut is the fruit of a type of palm tree known as the 'tree of life'. They grow throughout the tropics – mostly in the Philippines, Indonesia and central Asia.

The flesh of the coconut can be either dried or pressed to produce coconut oil and coconut milk. Coconut has so many uses that we couldn’t possibly list them all, but among its primary uses, it is known to revitalise, moisturise and hydrate your skin and hair.