How to incorporate sustainable living into your everyday life

Mother Nature gives us everything we need to lead a comfortable and healthy life. From the air we breathe to the food we eat and the natural ingredients used in our beauty products, nature is a big part of our lives! It’s safe to say that our planet takes great care of us. Now it’s our turn to take care of Mother Nature. Following a sustainable lifestyle goes a long way in preserving and celebrating everything that nature has to offer for current and future generations.

Sustainable living is not a new concept. Working to reduce our carbon footprint or making a conscious effort to reduce our electricity usage are both ways of leading a more sustainable lifestyle. So, let’s look deeper to understand what sustainability is and how it benefits both us and the planet.

What is sustainability?

You can think of sustainability as a way of being closer to nature and engaging in activities that conserve it. It involves living with the resources that the planet has to offer. You may not see immediate results as this is a long-term practice, but your actions today will pave the way for a better future for the coming generation.

Why is it so important?

  • Important for future generations

Sustainability teaches you to use natural resources mindfully as this will ensure that future generations won’t have to compromise. Plus, sustainable living is beneficial for our planet – you’ll create a healthy environment for everyone in the future!

  • Impacts your life on Earth

When you switch to a more sustainable way of life, from shopping at thrift stores to investing in eco-friendly home appliances, it has a positive impact on your experience on this planet. Making small changes in your lifestyle can make the planet cleaner and a happier place to live.

  • Kinder to others on the planet

When you make an effort to create a sustainable ecosystem, it helps the others to lead a healthy life as well. Our mindful actions will contribute to making the planet a better place for the animals, marine life, insects and other species that coexist with us. So, even switching to metal straws or trying out clothing made from bamboo can make a lot of difference.

How can we incorporate sustainability into your day-to-day life?

Switching to more sustainable living is quite simple and these tiny steps you take in your everyday life can benefit both you and the planet.

  • Grow your own food

You don't need to completely ditch your regular supermarket and grow everything you need in your own garden overnight – but how about growing some herbs or tomato plants in your backyard or community garden? When you start growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs, you get more involved in nature and sustainable living becomes more in sync with your beliefs. Plus, this encourages you to try out different ways of being sustainable. For instance, you can start your own compost pile! And what’s more, you are developing a very eco-friendly hobby.

  • Sustainable shopping

Who doesn’t love new clothes? But fast fashion doesn’t exactly benefit the environment. What’s more, the practices that go into making these clothes are not as ethical as you’d hope. Instead of giving in to the temptation of fast fashion, consider opting for clothing made from organically grown bamboo without pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers.

  • Sustainable beauty

The concept of sustainability has reached the beauty world and the beauty giants have taken it upon themselves to make sustainable beauty popular. A lot of packaging and the formulas used to create beauty products are eco-friendly and recyclable.

  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle

For a green environment, you have to adhere to the three 'R's – reduce waste, reuse items and recycle everything you can. You can reduce the waste you generate; the fewer resources you use, the less waste you generate. Invest in reusable items like reusable coffee mugs or metal straws to avoid disposable plastic. You can recycle old towels or linens – it’s better for them to be used for another purpose rather than simply ending up in landfill.

  • Use sustainable development measures

While trying to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, following measures of sustainable development can help you do your bit for the planet. Switching to solar energy, creating and protecting green spaces, choosing efficient water fixtures and opting for houses or other structures that incorporate sustainable construction can make a great difference.

Herbal Essences’ measures to achieve sustainability

The Herbal Essences Sustainability Programme is an initiative to make mindful decisions that can reduce our impact on Earth’s landfills and water supplies. We strive to make Mother Nature proud – and with our hair products, we try to make the planet a better place for you. Our sustainable haircare products bring you closer to nature and give you an opportunity to do your bit for the planet.

Recyclable bottles from recycled materials

The Herbal Essences bio:renew bottles are recyclable and made from 25% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Renewable energy

Since 2010, our manufacturing sites around the world have reduced our total absolute energy by about 9% and total absolute gas emissions by more than 15%.

Reduce manufacturing waste

Herbal Essences has attained the goal of Zero Manufacturing Waste to Landfill and continues to strive to reduce plastic waste. So, when you bring home our 90% natural origin haircare products, you are doing your hair and your conscience a great favour.

Reduce water consumption

We have been making a conscious effort to reduce the wastage of the world’s most precious resource: water. From 2010 to 2016, our sites around the world actively reduced the total absolute water consumption by over 20%! This is only the beginning.

Choosing a brand that aligns with your sustainable lifestyle is a great way to play your part in protecting the environment. Conscious and sustainable beauty are great initiatives allowing you to enjoy everything nature has to offer and protect it at the same time.